• Certified Arborists Serving Central IL

    While trees may seem like relatively simple things, they are actually quite complex. When it comes to the trees on your property, it may be difficult to decipher what they need that will help them grow their very best. That’s where a certified arborist comes in. At National Tree Care, we provide certified arborists that have the skills and training to diagnose tree problems and take the proper steps to correcting them for complete tree health. Poorly maintained trees can be hazardous to people and to the curb appeal of your home, here’s what an arborist can help within your yard!

  • Complete Tree Removal

    Tree removal is typically the last resort, as we like to preserve as many trees as possible. However, when it comes time to remove a tree, an arborist can help you decide the best and most healthy way to remove the tree. Reasons to remove a tree include:

    • The tree is dead
    • It is putting the safety of your home at risk
    • It is obstructing or coming into contact with power lines or other utilities
    • Causing harm to other trees
    • Infected with a disease or insect infestation
  • Trimming, Pruning, Topping & Shaping

    Arborists also help with all the tree maintenance you need to keep the trees in your yard growing strong. They’ll know the exact steps needed to solve any tree problems. Whether it’s trimming the tree to thin out the branches or providing cabling an bracing to improve the structure, they’ll know just what your trees need!

    Where do you find an arborist?

    Well, you won’t have to look very far – National Tree Care employs certified arborists that serve customers throughout Central IL including Decatur, Jacksonville, Lincoln, Springfield, Taylorville and all surrounding areas.